thoughts about 2017

In 2017, I’ll have a weird schedule because I’ll be working unpredictable shifts at the Day Job (which I love but can’t talk about), and typically won’t know if I’m free on a particular weekend until a day or so before.

This makes it pretty much impossible to book shows in advance since I won’t know which weekends I have to work at Day Job, and I have to be essentially on call to work those weekends. I’ll still be able to do studio recording and song composition since I’ll still theoretically have free weekends, they just won’t be conducive to way-in-advance planning.

I’ve felt in the past that it’s always been rough on my music career when I have to spend a prolonged time (e.g. 6 months) off the performing circuit, even if I’m making new material during this time. To try to deal with this, and also have fun at the same time, I’ve been thinking about putting together and recording 52 video blogs next year (2016), to be released on every Saturday of 2017, to see how people like that.

I don’t really want to talk in detail about me and my life since at least half my life is Day Job stuff that I have to be vague about, so I thought I’d pick out some topics that I personally think are interesting, and informally poll you folks out there about what you’d find interesting as a 10-minute video topic.

At the moment, I’m thinking of a bunch of mythology and ancient civilizations segments, because I love mythology and ancient folklore. I’m familiar with the Hellenic, Norse, Egyptian, and Hindu mythology, less familiar with Aztec and Celtic stuff, and curious about all of it.

Other topics I’ve thought about are Interesting Asian Women in history, cognitive neuroscience / social science topics, consumerism, social vs. economic vs. cultural capital, and positive psychology.

What do you think?

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