stuff I took away from reading a Reddit IAmA (ask me anything type thing) hosted by a former model

Physical beauty is subjective. Some clients will love the way you look, some will think you’re flat-out ugly. The world is full of different people, cultures, attitudes, and they have different ideas of what they want; even varying from what projects they are doing.

The point is that if you’ve managed to get modeling jobs in the past at all, chances are someone out there in the world of billions of people will think you look beautiful, even if a lot of other people (perhaps including yourself) don’t agree.

I’ve felt the same about music actually. No matter what you make, even if it doesn’t sound like mainstream stuff, the chances are that if you’ve worked hard at it and keep improving, someone out there will like what you made/are making. That person might not be a label executive at Island Records, and if your primary goal is to make what specific label executives like, you might be in for quite a struggle and perhaps a lot of self-doubt (I mean, if your own opinion matters much less to you than some total stranger’s; you’re probably guaranteed some tough times).

But chances are that someone will like it. And probably some other people will think it’s terrible. It’s subjective. And maybe it’s better to not take it personally. Some people aren’t going to like the way you look, or the way your music sounds. Try not to let it stop you.

Some things should stop you, of course. If what you’re doing is illegal and hurting other people, you should probably think about stopping. If you’re exploiting completely defenseless people needlessly, you should think about stopping. But if someone just doesn’t like you; thinks you’re ugly/untalented/undeserving?

That’s just, like, their opinion, man.

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