Wishlist for ‘new’ music gear

Preamp: Apogee Duet (the original, not version 2), hoping to find a nice second hand one of good quality (and hoping it does not cost $400).  However, some of the reviews seem to say it stops working after a couple years, and that new software updates have made it incompatible with new DAWs.  So I’m torn.  My second-hand MOTU Traveler has been doing me good since I got it five years ago, even though I still don’t really understand all the buttons (came without instructions, being second hand and all).

DAW: Logic 8, since supposedly the newer versions are not so compatible with the Apogee Duet..

Microphone pop filter – Will check out Rogue Music, they usually have stuff like that.  Or I can keep singing into a piece of cloth stretched over a bent coat hanger.

Vocal  mic – Audiotechnica AE5400 hopefully a decent second-hand one can be found somewhere.  Because on Amazon it’s ~ $379, and while that’s not horrible, I do not have much disposable income.    Got it on eBay.

In-Ear wearable monitor- I think I already have a thingy that might allow for monitoring via headphones connected to a little box, but something more wireless (and earbud-like) would be good.  I wonder if there’s some kind of cheap transmitter that can plug into the headphone jack and do that.

USB Remote control – To start and stop my tracks myself.  Got it.

In light of the questionable difference between ‘upgrading’ to Apogee from the Traveler, I’m not sure I necessarily need the rest of this stuff, though it would be nice.  Would also be nice to have a studio recording mic that is better than my AT4040, but the AT4040 is pretty good already, for what I can afford.    Logic 8 looks really nifty to play with, but I don’t know that I’d get it unless I had a nice preamp like the Duet to go with it that was compatible and all.  As I look around, it seems like what I already have is not too shabby, given that I’m not a millionaire and can’t afford thousand dollar microphones.

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