Psyche Corporation Newsletter

First off, let me give thanks to Harlequinn for being my hero and taking on the work of being in charge of the newsletter. You rock.

Now, let me describe to the rest of you folks what will be in the newsletter. I do not intend to have this newsletter contain any content that you couldn’t have found just by checking the Psyche Corporation Facebook page regularly for updates, or from following us on Twitter.

Not everyone is on Facebook though, and some people prefer to get their Psyche Corp. news in their email. So for you guys, Harlequinn and I are putting together a Newsletter to be sent out around the beginning of every month (starting next month), summarizing the news of the previous month as gleaned from the FB and twitter updates. The newsletter will also contain other things. What things!?!?  Here’s an outline:

  • General news from the FB/twitter of the past month, summarized
  • Upcoming shows (whatever information is available of them, Gen tends to post vague stuff on FB sometimes)
  • Links to new photos that may have been posted, or new merch, with brief text descriptions
  • Fan contributions section: fan fiction, drabbles, fan art, anime music videos, upcoming LARP announcements etc. set in the Psyche Corporation universe or utilizing Psyche Corp. songs.

That’s pretty much it for now.. Any content such as the fan contributions that didn’t make it to FB/twitter will be re-posted on the Psyche Corp. wordpress, so there is no pressure to join our mailing list unless you Really, Truly want to get an email from us once a month.

That said, please send fan contributions to with subject line “Fanfic submission” or “Fan art submission” or “Fan contribution: [insert *brief* description]”. Get ’em in by Wednesday (Aug 31st) and it’s highly likely your work will show up in the 1st edition of the newsletter!


Go here to join the mailing list.


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