Mini Tour update!

Current plan…
(1) Sunday Sept. 11th (unconfirmed) some of us may try to make an appearance at a radio show in Rochester, if the host is willing to have us..

(2) Friday Sept. 16, 2011
Psyche Corp. is playing with The Lobster Quadrille, Sanjuro Fields, and Zadoc & the Nightmare
Band order not yet set..

The Haunt
702 Willow Ave.
Ithaca, New York

$5 cover if you arrive before the first band starts playing, $7 after

(3) Saturday Sept. 17th, 2011
Record Archive (record store)
33 1/3 Rockwood St, Rochester NY 14610

Since it’s an in-store show, it will be free and all ages..

(4) Sept. 17th, Saturday evening (unconfirmed) Psyche of Psyche Corp. may make an appearance at Vertex in Rochester ( and do a ‘spot number’.. Alternatively, still looking to see if we can find a Saturday evening show in the area so we can (with any luck) play with some of the excellent local Rochester bands.

(5) Saturday night sometime after midnight and up til 6am..The gang (Psyche, Mike, Paul, Kristin, Arydaea, possibly Akiri) will hang out at Last Exit for the Lost Radio show on WVBR FM

(6) Sunday, heading back, Psyche will likely follow Kristin to Maker Faire in NYC where Kristin has a booth for amazing designs by, well, Kristin Costa.

(7) Sunday evening – Still looking for a gig in NYC Sunday evening! Give me some tips! Ask some steampunk-friendly bars for us! Please?


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