A message from our HR department here at Psyche Corporation

As the subliminal PR front of our future-based parent dream manufacture group, we’ve grown quite a lot since the very first Psyche Corporation show in late summer 2007. In addition, as of late summer 2010, our CEO has taken on increased duties with respect to research in replacement body parts, a field in which the Psyche Corp. of the future naturally holds a strong interest, considering that the downloadable dreams business relies upon top-of-the-line neural implants, and that kind of hardware can only stay up-to-date though ongoing research in bio-compatible, body/brain-interface devices. We have our orders from the mother company in the future after all.

In any case, our CEO has been swamped with an increasing workload due to the replacement body parts research as well as the steady growth of Psyche Corporation the PR-front-masquerading-as-a-band (wait.. did I really write that? Clearly, it is a quaint little joke! Mmhmm.).

Therefore, we have created some new openings in Psyche Corp. headquarters. These are all internships (read: unpaid slave labor) for now, but we do have special benefits packages available (read: gratitude, occasional swag and/or free show tickets, potential back massages).

DRIVING FORCE of the Psyche Corp. newsletter [edit 8-29-2011: Found! A big welcome to Harlequinn!]- Not everyone checks the band Facebook page, sadly. So your job is to gather all the news from the band FB wall, new photos, upcoming events, etc. and put it out in readable/summarized form once a month (if applicable) to the people who’ve signed up for the newsletter. If you want to develop additional content such as a fanfic section for short stories set in the Psyche Corp. universe, or fanart section, that’s entirely up to you. But if you’re doing that, then please put a copy of it up on the Psyche Corp. wordpress.

Additional musicians for the live performing group– We currently have a guitarist and a cellist. We are looking for a drummer and possibly a keyboardist, but we are definitely open to people who play other instruments. If you can manage to stick around with us, there will almost certainly be opportunities to contribute creatively to new Psyche Corp. music.

Additional non-musician performers– If you want to do a mime skit set to a Psyche Corp. song, or dance, or spin fire, or contort, or do some other interesting choreographed or improvisational piece on stage with us, we are interested to hear from you! If you want to do a puppet show to our music, that rocks! If you want to do some kind of short animated film synced with our music and project it behind us during shows, that rocks! If you just want to do the short film and send it to me, I’ll spread it and/or re-upload it on one or more of the Psyche Corp. youtube accounts!

Director of Promotions Research– You will look up media outlets that you think would appreciate a little Psyche Corp. Then you send the links/info for these outlets to the CEO, or confer with the CEO if you would like to be groomed toward taking over not just research but execution of promotion.
Media outlets would include: music/fashion/alternative magazines (both print and online), radio shows (both traditional and internet radio), music blogs, alt fashion blogs, relevant Facebook groups/pages, relevant online communities (livejournal, possibly, or tumblr blogs).

Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before. Our CEO has been doing it for quite a while and can easily train you in how to research effectively!

Event Re-Lister– It’s difficult to keep track of all the online communities people use to track their social lives. These days, I mostly post information on upcoming gigs on the Psyche Corp. FB page and hope for the best. I KNOW I should be re-posting the info on other communities and events calendars. Ideally things like TimeOUT NY, but more targeted to the Psyche Corp. audience (which seems to be a lot of people into dark and/or bizarre–love you guys!). Anywhere that you re-list an event is helpful, even if it’s just your own site/Wall/whatever. If you’re lazy, you can just email the event/calendar website to us, and we’ll try to get to it and thank you for it.

Director of Bookings Research– In the past two years, we’ve done 28 days of performing per year (year measured between August 24ths, for mysterious reasons). This has definitely included more than 28 SHOWS, as we’ve often done multiple shows per day. By comparison, a ‘regular’ successful non-touring band in our genre might do 12-15 shows per year. We’re not planning to cut down all the way to 15 per year, but we ARE going to aim for less than 2.33 days per month of performing when not touring, because we want to spend more time on music composition in the studio for the next year or so. Since we’re doing fewer shows, we want them to count more. The Director of Bookings Research will look into conventions and festivals we can/should play that we haven’t played before, with special focus on the East Coast (mostly because that’s more accessible to us). This includes rumors of new cons and festivals that are just starting out their first iteration. This includes looking for promoters in key cities who are known to work with bands similar to Psyche Corp. This includes underground music venues in cities we’re especially interested in at the moment due to their accessibility via megabus: Boston and Philly. We’d love to play in the DC-Baltimore area as well, and perhaps in the Chapel Hill area of NC, but we’d probably need a convention to cover travel for us. As Director of Bookings Research, you don’t actually have to CONTACT any of these conventions/festivals/venues/promoters/etc. You just email info about them to the CEO, who will take care of it. If you would like to be groomed for taking on more power, that is also an option!

Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before. Our CEO has been doing it for quite a while and can easily train you in how to research effectively!

Please send all questions/applications/information to psychecorporation@gmail.com with the relevant job title in the subject line.

Thank you and best regards from our HR department.

Cissodell Meinaii
Auxiliary Administrative Assistant to the CEO


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