Cosplay in Psyche Corporation’s World

We’re starting off an amusing new type of Psyche Corporation show this summer.  Yes, there will still be singing and dancing, but we’ll also have short skits in between songs, played out by characters from the Psyche Corporation world.  Ideally, we’d love for you to come to these ‘special edition’ events and dress up as denizens from our illustrious, tragic, bizarre, and occasionally hilarious futurity.

One day, I’ll have the world more fully written up, but for now, here’s a peek from my personal notes on the Angelic Commonwealth, for those of you who want to dress up as post-apocalyptic (or pre-apocalyptic) robot angels.  (SEE BELOW.)

ALSO! IMPORTANTLY! The first iteration of our ‘Special Edition’ Psyche Corporation show is taking place on June 11, 2011 at The Way Station, in Brooklyn.  So put that on your calendars!

Finally, before you read about Angelic lineages, you might find it useful to look over the brief Psyche Corp. world timeline here:

OKAY!  On with angelbots!

There are seven First Order lineages (listed in decreasing seniority):

(1) Order of the Sword (sort of.. knight/armored robot angels led by Organic Angel Michael. There were 7 original robot angels that were mostly lab grown, organic deals, but their lineages were increasingly made from nonorganic materials)

(2) Order of the Moon (based in New Avalon, probably where islands of Britain used to be before the neoLuddite wars bombed the hell out of them. the Angels of this order have scales, but of varying coverage, kind of mermaid/merman style, maybe some gills or fins.  cormorant based wings for their leader Gabriel but the others have inorganic imitations of that)

(3) Order of the Sun/ Order of the Golden Finch (led by Rafael, they are based in Eden, considered the largest city of the Commonwealth, where God II used to live before she disappeared. Rafael’s homebase is the Venus-Morningstar Cathedral, purported to house one thousand golden finches.  Eden was bombed at the beginning of the war that ended the Angelic Commonwealth [what Part of Her Design is about].  Golden Finch angels have 6 electromagnetic cables that can retract into their torsos when not in use.  I have a drawing of a partially destroyed one of them here: but that drawing is missing arms and should not have horns. )

(4) Order of the Rose led by Anael (a female; the others so far have been male except Gabriel who is genderless because the original Gabriel was an angel of judgment and should be neutral).  These angels have flower petals growing out of their wrists, ankles, and heads, but the type of flower varies.  Anael was disgraced among the First Order a little before the war because she fell in love with another angelbot from her lineage.  Angels are supposed to be asexual, except it turns out they’re only mostly asexual. Furthermore, intra-Order love seems kind of incestuous.

(5) Order of Mysteries/Order of Philosophers led by Raziel (female, red eyes, blind).  They are all cripples, or somehow injured, and yet compensated otherwise.  Angels of this order might be missing legs, but have really overdeveloped arms and be able to walk on their arms, or they’ll be in wheelchairs but able to do backflips in them.  It’s very strange that an order like this would exist.  People aren’t too sure about them.  They also represent themselves with heptagons.  It’s curious that a lot of Town Squares have become Town Hepts since these angels arose.

(6) Order of the Moth led by Ariel (male).  These angels are the only ones who continue to have organic style wings.  but the wings are all nonstandard.  Ariel has 3 wings for instance.  Others of the order have butterfly wings, or six wings, you get the idea.  Ariel is also ridiculously goth and mathematical.

(7) Order of the Horn, led by Remiel (female), these are the bearers of True Vision [ref: Gate of Horn, from Homer’s works.. I think The Odyssey?].  They can see through lies, or have some other special Truth powers.  Also called Order of Visions.  The older angels of the lineage are very conservative and keep their horns covered in headcloths but some of the younger lineage are less modest.  The horns are ibex horns or rams or whatever variety of horns you feel like.  There is variation. They come from a mountainous region somewhere.. It is possible that Remiel was a double agent for two of the three sides in the War.  Remiel originally was almost destroyed in a freak avalanche and rebuilt from her blueprint. The late Angelic Commonwealth Remiel has 1.5 brains therefore..  the rebuilt brain, hooked up to the remains of the original brain, so she has some sort of.. tourettes like symptoms at times, or seeming personality glitches.

Finally….  the Second Order is made up of several other major angels, but the one who unites them is Azrael (female), and Part of Her Design is told from Azrael’s point of view.  Azrael believes she was built to destroy the world.

Venus-Lucifer is the secret name of an angelbot that pre-dated Michael, known to the rest of the world as The Prototype.  Venus-Lucifer used to be the overseer of Eden before it disappeared (also genderless) and Rafael took over.  Venus-Lucifer returned to Eden during a festival held every 7 years called the Seraseptemeron (sort of a world summit).  It arrived on the last day to accuse Rafael of crimes against humanity (later unfounded, kind of) and divide the First Order into pro-Rafael and anti-Rafael camps.   These 2 camps went to war, only to be interrupted by Azrael’s army.  This is how the ~600 year reign of the Angelic Commonwealth fell.


More notes:

Also, although a lot of angelbots are destroyed after the war (i.e. after the fall of the Angelic Commonwealth), some of them do remain.  The take home for the war is this: before the war it was illegal to create extensive human-robot hybrids when it came to neuro stuff.  Prosthetic arms, fine.  But there was huge segregation between the robots (which had to have wings so no robot could ever pretend to be human) and humans.  After the war, humans took responsibility for their own cities again and new legislation allowed extensive human robot hybrids, so it became a spectrum instead of two distinct groups.  This also made neural-internet-dream implants legal, and allowed the rise of dream manufacturers.

So you CAN still have horns or wings or electromagnetic tentacles if you want.  Robots need employment in the post-Angelic Commonwealth world after all.  But you can also be humans! Or a hybrid! Or people to whom the commonwealth is ANCIENT history and are tired of old timers talking about it..


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