Absinthe Heroes

Once upon a time in 2010, Jeff Mach hired Psyche to compose all the music for his written steampunk rock opera, “Absinthe Heroes.”  Now, Absinthe Heroes is having a theatrical run in NJ this February, and there have been requests that Psyche make the full soundtrack downloadable for a nominal fee.  Psyche is willing to do this.

A couple things to note though: (1) All the vocals on these tracks are sung by Psyche, rather than by different people as one would expect.  This is because the recordings were originally reference recordings for the actors and actresses to learn.  But based on the response to the Youtube preview I posted (changing pronouns now! Gasp!), it seems people don’t mind.

(2) Although I did everything else musically, I am not responsible for the lyrics.  That’s all Jeff.  He gets some percentage of the profits from downloads to fund his nefarious projects and pay off the mob.  Or maybe it’s to pay off the trolls, or the strippers.  Nefarious plans can be so capricious.

So first, for your (and my) reference, this is the full track listing (in order) of the Absinthe Heroes songs:

Crash and a Bang
Better Time
Tale of Wonder
Love Marinade
Noonday Sun
Past is Not
Best of the Worst
Changeling Grown
Absinthe Friends
Burnished Day
Civil Servant
Into the Blue
Field of Poppies
Uranium and Lace
You Must be Mad
Time to Wind the Moon

Now I will dig through my computer to find these songs, put them in a zip file, and make digital downloads available if you paypal $7 to PsycheCorporation@gmail.com and specify in a note/email that you want the Absinthe Heroes soundtrack.  Whee!


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