New song: Nightmares

Happy new year, everybody!

I’ve just put up a new song, Nightmares, on the myspace player.

The lyrics as always can be found at

It’s been a challenging couple of months for me as I’ve recently begun graduate school and moved to a new area, so I’ve had a bit of adjusting to do, but I hope to pick up the pace a bit with my music-making soon!  And I’m performing at Arisia in Boston later this month, and then Templecon in February, as well as a ton of other places.  February is going to be killer for me, but it’ll be worth it to see some of you guys ^_^.

If you’re craving an extra dose of wackiness in your day, I’ve started a little storytime in my vlog at and intend to update every other week around Wednesday until the story is done.  Hint: it’s about Fur-Activated Face-Melting Vegetables.

AND! Psyche Corporation now has official wearable merchandise, hand-crafted by the very talented K.M. Kotulak here:

Love you, and best wishes to you!

Psyche Chimère


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