First Contest Winner

Psyche Corp. has this contest going on..

[Note that you don’t need to join ReverbNation to get all the info as there are no additional resources besides emailing us for song mp3s.]

And we already have an entry!  Here is the short story one fan wrote based on the Psyche Corporation song “Wonderland.”

“Wonderland” by Jesse Parrino

I don’t think I’m going to make it. I don’t think the Land of Oz herself is going to make it out of this battle. Well I have some time before the…battle, if you can call it that and I have a few things that need to be said, Oz’s side needs to be kept for the historical record…

I think it’s best to start at the beginning, when The Wizard moved us away from the clockwork Tic-Tocks as our primary army and into flesh-and-blood soldiers. Far as I know it was how far the Wicked Witch of the West took us that made the Wizard see the errors of his plan of defense. But once the Three Heroes of Oz came back after defeating the Wicked Witch and the Wizard left the Scarecrow in command to take the young girl whose name eludes me now back home, they were named Generals of Oz by the Scarecrow and were given lands and the right to create armies.

These armies were meant for defense. After the Wizard’s foolhardy plan to connect us to Wonderland by a bridge over the Deadly Desert into Wonderland, some of what we now know were the weakest of monsters began attacking the towns and settlements nearest to the bridge. As things worsened, the Three Armies of the Scarecrow, Nick Chopper, and The Lion were combined into one to combat this threat.

Despite the Wonderland propaganda we did NOT attack first. We were just defending ourselves. But General Chopper decided to take a small squad of men into Wonderland to strike a symbolic blow to the People of Wonderland to make them know not to attack the Land of Oz and expect no retaliation.

What we did do was go over the bridge and sneak into the borderlands as they are called by Wonderlanders, and find one of the most beloved citizens of Wonderland and assassinate him. I personally found the General’s plan to be a bit heartless but I am but a solider and must obey orders. Despite being the one who did the act of killing the Mock Turtle, I did not have the stomach for the soup that was made out of him.

Anyway, unknown to us at the time, the Cheshire Cat had seen all that had happened and reported back to whatever government Wonderland had at the time. They seem to have so many changes that it’s hard to keep up. But during our pickup by a pair of Gumps animated by the Witch Mombi’s Powder of Life, they officially declared War, for the violation of airspace and the attack on the Mock Turtle. By the time we got back to Emerald City the Card Soldiers of Wonderland had completely wiped Munchkinland from the map!

And so started a long drawn-out war on which I could spend a lot of time, which I don’t have, writing about. At the start, when Wonderland was using Card Soldiers mostly we had no issues; they were very weak. I must have taken out ten per battle at least. But what we didn’t know at the time was what Monsters they had! We thought the ones attacking the border cities were the strong ones. We were very very wrong.

After months of losing settlement after settlement, and after deaths of many of their more well-known citizens, they must have felt trapped and let loose these terrors of which even the battle-hardened Jabberwock was afraid. Suffice it to say we were slaughtered. Two armies were downed by just one of these creatures! We were ordered to retreat into the Emerald City after the deaths of General Chopper and The Lion.

I sit here, knowing that the next battle will be my last and that The Emerald City will fall. My only solace is that once we’re gone, the Wonderlanders will be the next targets of their rage…

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