Cyborg Talk at Steampunk World’s Fair

Discussion Title:  Topics in Replacement Body Parts and Cyborgs
Blurb: Discussion on current state of research in replacement body parts, brain-machine interfaces, cyborgs, and some social/legislative issues involved.

Hello everyone!  Just a quick note: P. Chimère of Psyche Corporation will be leading a discussion on present-day issues in Replacement Body Parts and Cyborgs at the Steampunk World’s Fair (May 14-16, 2010).  The talk will happen on Sunday, May 16th, with exact time and location to be announced (Hint: Check our twitter on May 15th for any last minute updates).

The talk will be similar to a talk P. Chimère gave on the fly at Wicked Faire, only with better images and more preparation.  Bring ideas and questions to discuss!  For those of you who may not know, P. Chimère is also [A SCIENCE ENTHUSIAST].

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