best manhattan show EVER. aka I love Court of Lazarus.

..the stage was gorgeous. awesome curtains, awesome lights of many colors, I wish I’d known how beautiful the venue is; I would have tried to bring a video camera. I performed 11 songs and made jokes that the crowd enjoyed, and when my official set was done they were chanting “one more song!” so I played medicine man, and that was perfect because in this venue there are no lights on the audience so I think they got more of the flashlight effect. The audience was WONDERFUL. There were at least 50 people there, but I suck at counting so I can’t be more specific. The room was comfortably populated. Applause was very loud and energetic. I loved the outfits people wore. The microphone was good, a little heavy but I dealt with that, the sound person was super nice, Ed did the song-changing perfectly, Diana danced and did TweedleDum with excellence, and we had a lot of fun. Hopefully we get to perform there again.

The sound was excellent, by the way. mic and music mixing was good! They gave me a little reverb on my mic and it sounded great.

There may be another Manhattan goth event that wants to book me now that the people running it saw me perform tonight. And the DJ is interested in spinning some of my tunes ^_^ and another lady might book me for her goth event in NJ sometime.

AND I SOLD ALL MY CDS. I brought 7 of WoaS and a Pretend CD, the last one from the batch I made by myself. Now I will have to start making another batch of Pretend.

THEY WERE REALLY NICE. I can’t stress that enough. I made my very first band t-shirt (actually it’s a hoodie) yesterday [saturday] and brought it to show them, not necessarily to sell since it was made using a hideous hoodie as it was an experiment, but they were really supportive and amused by my T-Shirt, and I feel happy. I feel very very very happy.

Court of Lazarus is great and you should go to their events because they rock. I knew nothing about them until they contacted me a few months ago and now that I’ve encountered them in person I am really glad they exist. It’s people like them that make performing crazy weird cyberpunk music in Manhattan a rewarding and heartening experience.


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