now taking preorders for album 3 “Pretend”


With Seriah’s help I now have album 3, entitled “Pretend”, pretty much ready for release. I’m planning to send off the first 5 handmade CDs to CD Baby tomorrow. Factory-pressed versions will likely be available in February 2010. I have pictures of the CD graphics further below in this post so you can see my handmade CDs are still pretty.

If you would like to pre-order either one of the handmade CDs or factory-pressed CDs, you should EMAIL ME right now at psychecorporation [at] gmail [dot] com with subject line “Preorder Pretend” and let me know how many copies and handmade [and autographed?] vs. factory-pressed.

I am only making handmade CDs until February when the factory-pressed ones should be out. With handmade CDs I can autograph the inside and write you a note, whereas the factory-made ones are shrink-wrapped so I probably can’t autograph them. But I could write a separate note on a piece of paper for you 😉

So these are the advantages of pre-ordering:

1. You get the option of an autograph/personal note from me.
2. You pay $8.50 instead of $12.97 per CD, because then I can mail the CD to you directly instead of going through CD Baby or other distributors who charge an additional fee to distribute.
3. You can have a couple other extras if you feel really generous:

I could send you a handwritten set of lyrics for a song you really like of mine for a donation of $3 [3 max, because my hand gets tired]

I could email you an mp3 of a mysterious unfinished song I’m working on, and/or something from the Retired and Unborn Songs section at [$5 donation for each mp3]

or I could email you a high resolution version of some of my promotional images. [$3 each]

All you gotta do is email me.

Now check out the photos I took of the CDs I’m mailing out!

Here’s the track list for “Pretend”

Meant to Be
It’s All Pretend
Medicine Man
The Crime
Fantasy Moon
End of the World
The Ceiling
Bonus Tracks:
Raise the Dead
Minor Demon
Get Down (this was the second song I ever recorded.. made back when I was about 15)


Psyche Chimère


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