pictures from music video filming part 2

so I went to film the second part of the music video last weekend, and here are some pictures from the set.  They can be divided into three types: THE AWESOME CITY, me surrounded by tiny candles, me in a ring of fire. The photos of the city were taken by me, the photo of me surrounded by candles was taken by Seriah, and the photos of me in a ring of fire were taken by Arydaea.  Both of the latter two are integrally involved in this music video, especially Seriah, who is doing all the filming (with occasional help from Joe (aka JustJoe), and um..  well there are other cast members who are important but I want to remain mysterious until the music video comes out.  I’m also superstitious.

Please do speculate as to what the hell is going to happen in the music video, given these random photos.


here, the fire is dying down and I prepare to run away in horror..

Parking lot space ship, PREPARE FOR LIFTOFF!

We offer very affordable rents in this paper bag city.  Please inquire with one of our low-fee brokers at info-rentals@paperbagcity.mwahahahahaha



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