Stranded! NYC show

I recently performed at an awesome event called Stranded!, and among other things at the event there was a pool filled with rose petals.  Here’s a picture Logan took of me and a person I don’t k now; we are both wallowing in roses:

We are very happy 🙂

Here’s me singing at Stranded! : (the mic randomly turned off near the end, that’s why my voice gets cut off for a few seconds)
again I was singing with no Monitor speakers so I couldn’t hear myself very well in many of the songs, which meant I thought the audience couldn’t hear me. Really, people need to tell me these things…

it was a fucking awesome party. there was a pool filled to the brim with rose petals. Just rose petals, no water. I lay in it and was buried. I threw piles of rose petals at Alon, who returned fire. I rolled. It was beautiful, it smelled beautiful, it felt beautiful.

there was a tiny psychedelically painted tent you go into and lie on a yoga mat underneath a fish mobile. the technician inside puts binocular goggle things to your eyes so you see a “Launch” screen, and headphones for audio and you embark on a 5min dream adventure while he puts a fuzzy hat on your head.

there were random aerial silks hanging from the ceiling above the DJ section of the warehouse and once in a while an aerial silk person would jump up and start doing a set to the DJ music. AWESOME. There was a guy selling weird muffins for the cost of one joke per muffin. there was free candy. there were fuzzy rugs next to TVs on the floor at select spots so you could relax after dancing.. there was a vegetarian foodz station selling stuff for $1. there was a Fishin’ hole where you can get a fishing pole and try to catch weird things under moving fabric waves. people were in crazy costumes. one guy who was prolly 6’6″ was walking around in something like a Lain bear suit with a salad bowl on his head. Another guy was totally covered in confetti, no skin showing at all, not even his face, except he had heart shaped balloons coming out of his butt. There were people who wandered around playing violins. there were crazy colored lights and funky sculptures hanging from the ceiling, and bunny women on ladders doing dances.

there was also a spa at one end of the warehouse party, with massage tables and a little pond. there was a giant inflated ladybug. there was a black curtained box with holes in the walls, filled with incense and copper musical instruments and when ou walk in the incense smoke makes it feel like beams of light are slicing through you in a temple from palimpsest.

logan and I danced after the show and got photo-ed. will make a point of trying to get pics from the photographer. I got photoed by a girl who says she’s working for british music magazine, or something like that. she bought a CD! yay. and asked me to sign it ^_^

We drew a huge crowd.. At least 50 people according to my mom (though probably more), were gathered round the small stage, craning their necks to see over each other. The acts after us drew maybe a third of what we drew.  Hey I have to apply confidence somehow..

the dancers looked awesome and they seemed happy which makes me happy cuz then they’re more likely to keep dancing with me. WOO.

They have their own camera and hopefully I will get their footage and my mom’s footage to add/splice with the footage from my camera (held by ~, who while not a professional still did a decent job of getting footage) YAY ~!

um.. and Logan put up this art-piece for Psyche Corp:

When I get excited, this is how I write.


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