New Psyche Corp. Photos+Art by Logan Grendel

In my travels through this crazy city, I met the Machine God.  His alter ego is Logan Grendel, photographer and digital artist of tremendousness. Here are some pictures from our Psyche Corp. shoots [in case this wasn’t already clear, all these photos were taken and/or put together by L.G.]:

Here I am dressed as Zillah, the time-traveling Shadow Queen who has a fondness for stripes.

Next is a representation of the OtherWorld Shadow Queen, and some of the nightmarish wonders ticking in her mind:

The following batch of pictures are of an unnamed ex-crime lord who tried to rebuild one of the Star Circlet cities after the NeoLuddite wars tore the world apart.  She’s also been called the slum princess.

[she also likes stripes on occasion ^^;;]

And here’s Zillah again, being a scary goth.

But sometimes Zil can tone down the scary, just to trick you into feeling safe!

And that is all for now.


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