Music Video wip /PICTURES

Around July 11-13 of 2009 I went up to Ithaca to play a show and start filming for what will hopefully be my first music video. This coming weekend, I’m going back to film some more of the music video, and then we should have something done hopefully by the end of the year.

Part of the music video involved me dancing around in the water, which was unfortunately full of disgusting little armored bug thingies. I didn’t find out until I was picking them off my body afterward. Nevertheless, I went back in there two more times. See what I do for you guys.

Here are some long overdue pics from the July filming session (all were taken by the wonderful Seriah Azkath):

And in a moment I will put up my first attempt at making an animated gif of me in the water..

Here it is!:  in the water

..well. It seems that you can’t see the animation unless you click on the right-most picture in the top lineup of three water-logged Psyche Chimères above.. shrug. I have no idea why this is.. :/

Also, check out this picture (taken by the excellent Logan Grendel) of the show from June 27, 2009:

More here:

Here’s me with Karen, dancer extraordinare:

and that is all for this post. Mwah.


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