Tech Rider

The Bare Bones:

1. a microphone for Psyche Chimère’s vocals

2. a sound system/PA that can play the background instrumentals via (a) a CD-R player, (b) a digital system that can take mp3s from Psyche Chimère’s flashdisk, or (c) an input from Psyche Chimère’s laptop’s headphone jack [input options include minijack, quarter-inch, and RCA jacks].


Skin and Bones:

3. a sound tech to push “start” and “stop” on the song tracks and to mix the vocals and instrumentals properly and make sure stuff is EQ-ed, etc.

4. a monitor so Psyche Chimère can tell if she’s singing off-key and/or off-beat.  I mean, of course that never happens.  But let’s have that monitor anyway.

Full Line-Up

5. + 1 cellist (who needs 1 DI box)

6. + 1 guitarist (needs 1 DI box)

7. + Dancers depending on the show location

Full band definitely needs monitors.

Stage Plot:stageplotpsychecorp


8. nifty colored lights that are shiny and whatnot.  And maybe a person to run them..

9. a projector that can project powerpoint slides, or jpegs, or movie files.  This should come with its separate computer/laptop dealie.  You should let us know if you have this so we can try putting together something neat to project on the backdrop while performing.

10. a section of table or other flat surface where Psyche Corp. CDs can be sold before/during/after the show.

1 Comment

  1. DJ Jason said,

    February 19, 2012 at 3:58 am

    Please let me know if you would like to perform at Incantation sometime.

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